Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science

Launched in fall 2013 and jointly offered through The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University.

For more information, please contact the Data Science Institute. The application is available online.

CAMPEP-Accredited Certificate Program in Medical Physics

Our CAMPEP-accredited Certificate of Professional Achievement in Medical Physics is designed for physicists who wish to apply for medical physics certification examinations given by the American Board of Radiology (ABR).

As stated on the ABR website, to be eligible for Part 1 of the ABR Examination, applicants “must be enrolled in or have graduated from a CAMPEP-accredited program (graduate program, DMP program, certificate program or medical physics residency).”

Beginning in 2014, medical physicists will be required, as a prerequisite, to have completed a two-year residency in medical physics prior to taking Part 2 of the ABR certification examination. Our non-degree certificate program is designed to fulfill the academic component of a medical physics residency.

Admission Requirements

Doctoral degree in physics, applied physics, or one of the physical sciences. An applicant who was not a physics major as an undergraduate, or who does not have an advanced degree in physics, must have taken physics training at least equivalent to a minor. This training must include at least three upper level physics courses, which, if taken after completion of the undergraduate degree, must have been taken at an accredited four-year college. Completion of course prerequisites is also required.

When appropriate, certificate program requirements are updated to conform to guidelines set by CAMPEP and by policies set by the ABR.

Applicants must submit an online application and a separate Application Agreement.

Applications are available online at:
Graduate Student Affairs: Online application

If you have questions you may email the Office of Graduate Student Affairs.

Certifications of Professional Achievement offered through Columbia Video Network (CVN)

Graduate distance learning certificate programs are available through CVN in the following areas:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Business and Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Information Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Networking and Systems
  • Earth & Environmental Engineering
  • Multimedia Networks
  • New Media Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless & Mobile Networking
  • Financial Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Materials Science
  • Nanotechnology
  • New! Sustainable Energy
  • New! Systems Engineering

For more information please check the Columbia Video Network (CVN) website.

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