Academic Requests

Below you will find information about various academic requests (e.g. registration, change of status, M.Phil. Application, etc).

Please read the instructions carefully and consult with your department before submitting a request. If you are looking to register during the change of program period and/or you have issues with your registration, please contact your department. 

Non-SEAS students must inquire with the department about cross-registration procedures. Engineering courses are prioritized for SEAS students.

Non-degree SPS students must contact their SPS advisor about cross-registration requests for engineering courses. Please do not contact departments about cross-registration requests.

Registration and Add/Drop Form (PDF)

This form can be used after the change of program period (last day of add/drop) for the following requests:

  • add/drop a course
  • change a course's grading option
  • change course points
  • cross-register


You must obtain the permission of your:

  • department administrator (your home department)
  • if you are cross-registering, you must also obtain the permission of the "host department" (ex. if you are a MECE student and you are registering for a CS course, you must obtain approval from the CS department)
  • if you are registering for a Business school course, please make sure to read these policies carefully.
  • the Registration Adjustment Form does not work for Business School registration requests
  • if you are registering for courses at another school, please make sure to read/inquire about their registration policies


  • email your form to your department administrator
  • your email subject line should state "Registration Request | "UNI"
  • make sure that your form is completely filled out (course number, call number, action code, etc.)
  • make sure you checked registration deadlines
  • summer registration deadlines can be found here under See registration dates and deadlines.


  • courses dropped after the Change of Program period (last day of add/drop) will be billed in full tuition to your student account
  • after the last day of add/drop, you will be charged full tuition even if you add a class to replace the one you dropped 
  • there is NO SWAPPING after the Change of Program Period (last day of add/drop)

Please make sure to check the dates for the last day of registration on the Registrar's Website

Forms that are incomplete will not be reviewed or processed. Make sure to read the form directions carefully.


  • the Office of Graduate Student Affairs will review your request for a final approval
  • requests are reviewed every Friday
  • 7 to 10 business days during peak registration periods


Department Reviewer Email
APAM (Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics) Montserrat Fernandez-Pinkley
APAM (Medical Physics only) Svitlana Samoilina
APAM (MP) Svitlana Samoilina
BME (Biomedical Engineering) James Ihn
CEEM (Civil Engineering) Scott Kelly
CHEN (Chemical Engineering) Robert G. Bozic
CHEN (Chemical Engineering) Kathy Marte
COMS (Computer Science) Randolph Rivo
COMS (Computer Science) Clarissa Pena
COMS (Computer Science) Jessica Rosa
DSI (Data Science Institute) Jonathan Stark
EAEE (Earth and Environmental Engineering) Elizabeth Allende
ELEN (Electrical Engineering) Elsa Sanchez
IEOR (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) Carmen Ng
IEOR (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) Liz Morales lm3135
IEOR (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) Kristen Maynor
MECE (Mechanical Engineering) Mel Francis

This form can be used for the following:

  • Advance Standing
  • Degree Concentration Change
  • Degree Level Change
  • Medical Leave of Absence
  • Military Leave of Absence
  • Voluntary Leave of Absence
  • Return from Medical Leave of Absence
  • Return from Military Leave of Absence
  • Return from Voluntary Leave of Absence
  • Readmission
  • Withdrawal
  • MS Petition for Program Extension (International Students Only)
  • Certification Letter
  • PhD Program Extension Request
  • Petition to Walk
  • Certification Letter

Please make sure to indicate the effective date and the reason for the following requests:

  • Voluntary Leave of Absence
  • Medical Leave of Absence
  • Military Leave of Absence
  • Return from Medical Leave of Absence
  • Return from Military Leave of Absence
  • Return from Voluntary Leave of Absence
  • Withdrawal
  • Readmission
  • Certification Letter
  • Petition to Walk


  • reviewed by your department and Office of Graduate Student Affairs
  • 48 to 72 hours
  • if you have not received an email notification after 72 hours, please contact your department
  • for Leave of Absences, including medical and military, please contact the Office of Graduate Student Affairs
You must:
  • select "Student" if you are a student, select "Staff," if you are a staff admin
  • enter:
    • full name 
    • UNI
    • department
    • degree program
    • Columbia email
    • request type (ex. Advance Standing)
  • select any boxes that are relevant to you (ex. "international student," "CVN student," "Financial Aid recipient," etc.)
  • read & complete the bottom half of the form carefully
  • electronically sign and submit


Requests will be denied for the following reasons:

  • missing documentation (ex. medical documentation, support letter for MS or PhD program extensions, etc.)
  • missing information (ex. number of points, effective date, residence units, empty boxes, reason/s for your request, etc.)
  • does not meet eligibility requirements for the type of request

Students should contact the Office of Graduate Student Affairs if they have questions pertaining to this form and its use. Additionally, students should consult the Engineering Bulletin or their Department Administrator if they have questions about a request.


Instructions and Application for Doctor of Engineering Science Graduation (PDF)

Instructions and Application for the Master of Philosophy Graduation (PDF)

Application for an MS Degree or Certificate

  • must be submitted by the student DIRECTLY to the Registrar's Office in 205 Kent Hall
  • the Office of Graduate Student Affairs does NOT collect these forms
  • this application applies ONLY to MS. degree students.
  • MPhil, PhD, and DES candidates are processed by the Dissertation Office in Low Library

For more information about degree application procedures and deadlines, please see the registrar's website.

Disability Services Forms and Guidelines


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