Integrated Bachelors and Masters Degree

The Integrated BS/MS Program is offered in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The program is open to Columbia University juniors, with a cumulative GPA of 3.400. After earning the BS degree students are able to seamlessly proceed toward earning their MS degree.

Many employers are favoring applicants with the additional education and experience implied by the MS degree.  Merging the BS and MS programs allows Columbia students to earn the MS degree in a very flexible and efficient manner.


  • Earn the MS degree seamlessly. The advanced courses have been designed to have the exact prerequisites taken as undergraduates.
  • Students can take graduate classes (if they want) in their senior year, and have them count towards the M.S. degree.
  • Better planning of courses, without having to cram MS requirements into a short time. This makes possible a more streamlined set of courses, and allows better balance between depth and breadth.
  • Increased efficiency; students do not have to move to a new place, but instead continue to be in an institution and city they already know. This, together with the seamless sequences of courses the program makes possible, can result in a shorter time towards the MS degree.
  • Summer projects taken at the end of the senior year for research credit can count towards the MS degree, provided the student has found a suitable advisor willing to supervise the work.
  • A simple application process has been established for this program.

For students in this program, up to 6 points taken in fulfillment of the BS requirement can be counted twice, once for the BS and once for the MS.

If you are a Columbia University junior interested in the Integrated BS/MS Program please apply online!

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