Other Programs

Columbia Engineering offers the following programs to eligible students. For more information click on the program title:

Integrated Bachelors and Masters Degree

Columbia University juniors majoring in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering who want to pursue a Master's program in the same area of study may apply via an express application process.


The Data Science Institute offers a Professional Certificate in Data Science. Interested students can apply to the Data Science Professional Certification program for either on-campus or through distance learning via Columbia Video Network (CVN). In addition, there are several other Professional Certifications available via CVN.

Joint and Dual Programs

Columbia Engineering, Computer Science Department currently collaborates with the School of Journalism to offer a dual Master's in Computer Science and Journalism. 

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research collaborates with the Business School on dual MS and MBA program opportunities. 

One Term Nondegree

Interested students who would like to take up to 6 credits of coursework may enroll pending permission to take the classes using the Columbia Engineering One Term Nondegree Application. 

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