May I upload, to my online application, a downloaded student copy of my transcript from my college or university website?
The transcript copy you upload onto your online application must be an official copy, which is typically obtained from your college or university Registrar's office or the office that issues official transcripts to students.  Uploading anything other than a copy of your official transcript may cause delay in the review of your application.

If you are a currently enrolled graduate student at Columbia Engineering applying again to another department or degree level you must upload a copy of your transcript to your online application. This is required even if you are a student at Columbia Engineering already and whether or not it is your first semester and grades are available.   

I uploaded copies of my official transcripts using the online application. Do I still need to submit official transcripts from each college or university by postal mail?
Only doctoral applicants to the Computer Science department need to mail official transcripts at the time of their application.
All other department programs may upload copies of official transcripts to the online application system for review purposes. The Office of Graduate Student Affairs will require all official mailed or hand delivered hard-copy transcripts at the point of admission. 

I only have an “in progress” transcript for my current program. Do I need to submit this transcript?
Yes, if you are enrolled or have taken courses it is required that you submit the transcript. This is also true for currently enrolled Columbia students applying again.

I am a currently enrolled Columbia Engineering student applying again, do I need to submit my Columbia transcript?
Yes, you are required to upload a copy of your Columbia transcript onto your online application. Do this even if your grades are pending and this is your first semester. However, you will not be required to mail or deliver an official copy of your transcript if you are subsequently admitted into the program. 

I have been accepted and now I plan to mail in my official transcript, but it is still in progress until a later time. Can I wait until the final official transcript is available before mailing it? 
Please mail your official transcript after you receive your offer of admission if you intend to enroll. Do this even if the official transcript is not the final version. This means that you will need to send another copy of the updated final and official transcript later when it becomes available. 

What is the address to mail official transcripts? 
Please mail your official transcripts after you receive your offer of admission to the Office of Graduate Student Affairs located at: 

Attention: Admissions Assistant
Office of Graduate Student Affairs
500 W. 120th Street, MC 4708
Suite, 530 Mudd
New York, NY 10027

My transcripts are not in English. What should I do?
If your official transcripts are not originally in English and the college/university you attended does not provide a translation of your official transcript into English, you must include a notarized translation to English for each of your non-English transcripts along with proof of graduation.  The translation must include complete contact information for the service provider. You may find and select a translation service of your choice. However, for a list of providers from the Office of Graduate Student Affairs email We do not provide referrals.  The official or original language transcript must be sent in addition to the translated version.

I am an international student.  My course grades are based on a different grading scale than the typical U.S. grading system. How can I determine my GPA?
Many translation or evaluation services can convert your grades to the U.S. scale. You may find such services on your own. A list of potential service providers from the Office of Graduate Student Affairs is available by emailing, We do not provide referrals.

The table below is the standard A-F grading scale used at most schools within Columbia University:


GPA Value

General Description

A+ 4.33  
A 4.00 Excellent
A- 3.67  
B+ 3.33  
B 3.00 Good
B- 2.67  
C+ 2.33  
C 2.00 Satisfactory
C- 1.67  
D+ 1.33  
D 1.00 Poor
D- .67  
F 0.00 Fail

Pass grades have no GPA value.

What do you mean by an official transcript?
Official transcripts are a record of your grades or results of academic study and are valid when issued by the school you attended. We require that you upload official transcripts to your online application. In addition, we expect official transcripts be mailed directly from your school to our office separately.

If you are an international student it may be necessary for you to have a copy of your original records validated by the school or authorized office and sealed before mailing it directly to our office.  Personal copies of transcripts that are not validated and sealed are not official. All copies must be verified by authorized person(s) from the institution or government office. Do not send original documents or diplomas. 

Final transcripts state that a degree has been conferred and provide the date of conferral and type of degree.  If your school does not indicate this on transcripts a separate official degree statement will also be required. 

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