M.S. Express Application for Columbia University Undergraduates

The M.S. Express application is a simplified process of applying to Columbia Engineering graduate M.S. programs. Available only to currently enrolled Columbia undergraduate students in a B.S. degree program, who have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 3.500, applying to an M.S. program in their *home department (exception: the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department will accept applications from seniors with, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, or Computer Science majors). Computer Engineering majors may apply to either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, and students in these departments can apply to Computer Engineering.

The M.S. Express application offers a quick and smooth transition to the M.S. degree program, with its well-known utility in professional training.

Advantages of Continuing on to the M.S. Program at Columbia

Continuing on to an M.S. degree program at Columbia University offers several advantages to qualified students presently in the B.S. program:

  • Advanced courses have been designed to have the exact prerequisites students have taken as undergraduates.
  • Graduate courses may be taken during senior year and count towards the M.S. degree, provided these courses are not being counted toward the undergraduate degree.
  • Better planning of courses, without taking all M.S. requirements in two or three semesters. This makes possible a more streamlined set of courses, as well as increased depth and breadth.
  • An increased efficiency. Students do not have to move to a new area, but will instead be in an institution and city they already know. This, together with the seamless sequences of courses the program makes possible, can result in a shorter time towards the M.S. degree.
  • Summer projects taken at the end of the senior year for research credit can count towards the M.S. degree, provided the student has found a suitable adviser willing to supervise them and that credits have not been applied toward the B.S. degree
  • The express application process simplifies matters for qualified seniors. 3-2 Combined Program students in their senior year are also eligible to apply.

The B.S. and M.S. requirements must be satisfied separately before the corresponding degree is awarded.

Although the M.S. Express application simplifies the application procedure, it does not guarantee admission. Columbia University undergraduate student housing and undergraduate student financial aid packages do not carry over to an M.S. program at Columbia University. If the student later decides to apply for admission to the Ph.D. program at Columbia, he/she will have to satisfy all Ph.D. admission requirements.

Columbia undergraduates interested in applying, please contact the Office of Graduate Student Affairs if you have questions, otherwise please apply online using the link above.

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